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To build or not to build? 4 Reasons Custom Home Building is Right for You.

Finding the dream home in the St. Croix River Valley for you and your family may feel just like that - a dream. But the team at Due North Homes is here to turn your dreams into reality.

Pre-built new homes or already existing houses may not check all the right boxes or fit the right price range. Model homes end up unearthing hidden fees and exuberant pricing for necessary add-ons and personalization. Don’t forget about the hidden repairs and financial drains that often arise when buying a pre-existing, older house.

You want the house that you finally decide to buy to meet all the requirements of your dream home, to create the perfect place for you and your family. That is where custom home building becomes beneficial.
Custom home building is a practical and financially responsible way to ensure that the house you buy is your dream home, built to last forever. Total personalization, ensured quality materials, environmentally-friendly, and informed pricing are just a few ways custom home building is the best choice for you.

TOTAL PERSONALIZATION. The biggest advantage to custom home building offers is the ability to have total control over the design and personalization of your home. Custom home building allows you to have a hand in the complete design of your dream home, making it possible to have all the extras and amenities you desire your dream home to have, exactly how you want to have them. When having a custom home built, you choose the floor plan, the lot placement, furnishings - all of the above. Full customization and personalization ensures that the home you buy truly is YOUR home. You won’t have to fit your family’s lifestyle into someone else's dream home, or settle for a home that doesn’t fit your needs. Your dream house can be customized to express you and your family perfectly. Be sure to click the link to Due North Homes' floorplans, at the end of this post.

ENSURED QUALITY MATERIALS. When buying a pre-existing home or a cookie-cutter model house, there is no way to ensure that all the building materials used are quality, long-lasting, fully-functioning materials. Pre-existing homes could have old or failing materials and foundations, or have hidden and costly fixes and repairs that drain your pocketbook. Cookie-cutter houses are often built quickly and with cheap materials, resulting in a lower quality home overall. Custom home building allows you to handpick the quality of every piece of material used to build your home. When you build a custom home, you and Due North Homes work together to ensure the home meets your every need. This collaboration ensures your home provides the quality, comfort and healthfulness that you and your family need to thrive.

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY. Since you choose the materials that will be put into your house, custom home building allows you to build your dream home with the environment in mind. Choosing sustainable building materials and energy saving appliances can help dramatically lower your long-term costs in the future while decreasing your environmental footprint. Energy efficient designs and materials are easier on your HVAC, and energy saving appliances last longer. This means less repairs and fixing needed in the future. Additionally, having an environmentally-friendly design adds quality and value to your home.

INFORMED PRICING. Building a custom home may seem like a pricey option, but it could actually be the cheapest in the long run. Since custom home building allows for you to choose what goes into your house, you are able to be an informed buyer, having the pricing information for every single thing built into your home. There are no hidden fees or extra add-on prices because you are the one that decides what you pay in the end. Pre-existing homes often need repairs and refurbishments, and model homes often charge high fees for extra personalization. Collaborating on a custom home build from the beginning of the process results in a personalized, individual pricing ensures that you only pay for what you want, allowing you to build your dream home within your budget.
At first glance, custom home building may seem like an out-of-reach option for you and your family. However, Due North Homes commits to finding a custom home solution in your budget. Our collaborative process gives you total control over the end result. Custom home building allows you to ensure a quality home that you can cherish forever, knowing that it was built to last.

If you want to start building your custom dream home, reach out to your trusted St. Croix Valley home builder Due North Homes, LLC in Osceola, Wisconsin today!


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